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Hello Lovelies!
Today, the weather was pleasant and I was in mood to get ready with some ethnicity. I feel like looking bright and shiny with lots of traditional accessories onto me. So I thought of adopting a Punjabi look though I was not sure of how I will look? Either I’ll look bad or good.

But Then I remember words of a Great lady. You know whose words? Mine. “Laughs”
I’m not a great lady but ya I’m the one who motivates myself for doing everything small or big in life.

I was searching for what will go best for my Punjabi Look, So I searches for Punjabi kurta,footwear,jhumkas etc. While searching it all I got the perfect what I wanted so similar to my thoughts on I personally think this site have wide and beautiful colourful range of products.
Have a look below at my look and related my collection items.

Have a look at my kraftly collection !

Checkout the link below for all beautiful stuff:

Home decor|Aatachi

Hello Lovelies!
We’re back with a blog { Yup little late this time as we’re busy in our new site which will going to be up soon with lots more} This time we’re not talking about food-fashion.. this time it’s all about “HOME Living”

Every woman wants to decorate her home like a palace. And  on the another end of the saying every palace have ” King & Queen”. In anyway the room looks attractive when they have signed cushions. That may be a sleek doll & bear or As i have the perfect combination of Mustache & Bow.

Aatachi send me lots of gifts into the goodies bag that includes:

1.) Mustache cushion & bow cushion

2.) pointing finger bookmark- {Pink & green}

3.)Bird cage clip bookmark by chapter

4.) Paris metal bookmark

5.) funky family index sticky notes

Peeps, Have a look at some pictures below~ Enjoy!

For Home decor & stationary {many more} Don’t forget to checkout & Instagram page!


Soon we’ll be back on “”

Enjoy Your day! 🙏😍
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Casual & comfortable Look

Everyday i walk out of home thinking of completing my work but everyday one out of many skips. Work load is much and time is less- This phase of life is motivating me to step ahead towards a successful future. You might be thinking that why these motivational lines are included in her blog?I just write what i feel.

So, Let me tell you something excited !
“IT’s my last blog on Soon we’re coming up with” I feel Great! I feel good.

So Let’s Jump onto the blog in which i’m telling you My OOTD- how to carry yourself in cool and comfy way this summer, This blog is special i’m creating a look by combining three brands together! Yes these three are so cool 😀
I Paired Sunny day T-shirt which is exactly what i wanted to describe the weather of Jaipur  with Jeggings which similarly look like a ripped jeans but it’s not a jeans with lovely polka dot pink shoes! :*

Have a look at my sunny day look below featuring 3 amazing brands:



Label am jegging



Go Grab Your Stuff from-
Label Am: Cool Jeggings

Now and Wow: T-shirt

Funkfeets: Polka Shoes

Soon we’ll be back on “”

Enjoy Your Sunny day! 🙏😍
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Long Shirt styles with SBL!


The very first announcement which i want to share with all my readers is that now I’m Officially connected to POPxo: Oh Yesssssss!!!! ❤
” I’m the City leader of POPxo campus ambassador”

Heading few days back,

A Mail popped up from my favorite brand “Stalk buy love” for collaboration. Oh Yes, i was excited and happy- I usually don’t write such reactions on my blog but wrote on this one because it’s my favorite brand. I Grabbed a Black long shirt dress.

So Introducing the brand- They have wide impressive collection of apparels and an edition of month magazine which is amazing.

Moving onto Styling the long shirt, You can style it in two ways:

  1. Firstly, Wear it as it is with pairing them with long earrings and high heels.
  2. Open the last two button of the shirt and wear any contrast trouser with high heels.

    Black goes best with golden color earrings and style them with as much heels as you can take your toe on!
    And You’r ready to go! 😀

    I Have shared few pics below, So have a look over them!


    Keep it Stylish with treasure & SBL ! ❤
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Snacking made health easy and fun!


Few days back I was very keen to know the hidden secret of fitness freaks. I explored too much on internet, finally got a result that two things can make you healthy with probably 40:60 Ratio of Exercise and Diet. 

In the meantime, I Got snacks from @Thenibblebox. If someone is looking for healthy snacks then you can also have a look at them. I have tried many food boxes, All are incredibly great and contain many nutrients as per to make one healthy.

So Let’s remove the distance of Me and nibble box and move onto what i got from them,

  1. Choco-Hazelnut Chuckwagon
  2. Fig flaps
  3. Masala chai latte {Best for teatime}
  4. Chilli chatter

    Look at the pictures below love,

    So What are you waiting for! Go and Try Your @Nibblebox ❤

    Coming back with new exciting blogs! Till then
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Little School Girl! ❤

Hello Everyone! 😘
How you doing?? {Comment below to share}
As My Today’s blog name is “Little school girl” so let’s go back to school days and jingle all the memories together. I Still miss when all my friends and me use to eat lunch box at the last bench. {You share your favorite memory in the comment box, I would love to hear from you}
This Blog is in collaboration with @Rimyrah & @Truffle collection. Both the brands gave me best to wear from their collection I.e., Apparel & Footwear respectively.
I Created “School look” wearing :-°Rimyrah shirt
°Black vero moda apparel
°Truffle collection footwear
Have a Look at my pictures & Share if you like-








There are many styles to wear this shirt, You can wear it open shirt with jeans styling it with a bun & converse. Or you can adopt this look as well to attend a book fair or some other event. There is lot to do with this shirt. Also moving onto these awesome footwear, they’ll go best with shorts & tee! You’re good to go ✌
For best Outfits Visit- Also, You can follow @Rimyrah on Instagram.
For awesome footwear collection visit-@Truffle collection 


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Natural beauty skincare with skin18

Hello! 😀

This weather is so freaking hot! I just went out for two minutes to nearby shop and yes felt like I Got burnt! Dah. I’m hating this weather so much. I want winters back 😦 Still i’ll ask how’re you readers? 😛  {Hope to get a positive response in comment box} 😉

So about Today’s blog- In Collaboration with SKIN18,I’m Going to share with you the Mask which SKIN18 sent me in my mailbox!:D

1.) The Animalian mask Sheep

2.)Red ginseng white clean active mask

3.)Fresh fruit green tea mask

Complimentary Gifts- Luke hydrogel eye patch for eye puffiness & Luke mugwort nose strip.