It’s just not Food ❤

Just not food , It’s Love😍

Easy to Cook, And delicious to eat anytime  any where! 😊 My first Food post is for ‘Meri Maggie’ ❤

I missed you so much Maggie.. That much when a Girl misses his Guy – that much when a kid misses her mom – that much when a  child misses her dad – a sister misses her brother !! Shit.. And Yes, I missed you ! That’s why this post is dedicated to you ✌ ‘Meri Maggie’ 😉 Screenshot_2015-12-07-19-28-29_1

Still Many people are thinking not to eat Maggie, let me ask you one thing ? Yet you’re alive. Have you ever found some insect in Maggie any mosquito or cockroach , which we usually find in any street food or packed material as well. So People Go for it ! It’s not only ‘meri Maggie’ Let’s make it ” Humari Maggie” ❤

Take care People! 😊✌

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