Merry Christmas! <3

Ho Ho Ho! Ha Ha Ha!
The one with White Beard , The Cutest Smile on glittering face , Red Soft dress with fluffy tummy and A Big Bag of Gifts coming on a reindeer is “My Santa”! I never met My Santa- i don’t even know whether Santa exists or not. Still My Only wish on every Christmas is to see Santa at 12:00 in my room coming on reindeer crossing my gate with his magical powers. Damn! I want to see him. I won’t mind meeting him in 2035 or so..

But As I’ve mentioned in my previous Blogs ” Love for Chocolate never gonna end” – I Got So many chocolates with so much love from my lovely people! ❤image

My Today’s Post if neither about fashion not about Food! It’s Just like that. I write what i feel. I feel happy today and That is all about today’s Blog ! Today I prefered to Look Simple, No White- No Red! Everyone gets busy in thinking what i’ll be wearing on Christmas though yesterday i was thinking the same. But then Nothing can look better then my all time favorite Crop top with a light shade lip color and little liner at corners and Kohl.


A Little lovely Pink floral crop top can be suited on any Trouser, Jeans, Palazzo , Shorts or anything else! But as i was not having any plans to get so ready in Christmas way, I chose High waist Trouser- Floral top with Blue Jacket and Canvas shoes as yes, It’s Cold Outside! 😀

Other then that- This Christmas tree looks so beautiful ! ❤
imageWhen i have mentioned everything, how can i forget to mention my favorite Frames! ❤ I Won’t write much about them as in my next lot of blogs- the one can be about them! They’re my Favorites 🙂

You can have a clear look on my frames in the picture below! They Go best with a little smoky eye makeup! So Girls, Go and Buy your frames! It’s an essential to complete the accessories to accompany your sexiness! 😉


Thankyou Readers! 😀
Keep Following| Keep Stalking| Love! 😉



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