Kiss Ready with Island kiss! 💋

Hello Peeps!  😇
I know You all are doing fantastic and so tired with this sticky summer season.
So discussing nothing more, I would like to directly jump onto my wonderful collaboration with “Island Kiss” 💋
Yes, In this sticky summer it’s not only important to save your face & Body but a important part which most of us miss is our so glossy ‘Lips’.
So today while showcasing island kiss lip balm of different flavour- I’m also going to give you tip to make your lip shiny and soft.
First of all, Thanks a lot Island kiss for sending me these wonderful lip balms-
1. Berry blush lip moisturizer
2. Alma vanilla & Inge’s lavender
3.Cherry blossom Flores 💕




Its is SPF+ and the shades are really awesome! You must try,
And the Good news is – Now Myislandkiss is on “@mynykaa
A Tip to be added in your daily routine is that- before going to sleep do clean you lips with cotton and milk. That will not only clean dirt but also make your lips soft and healthy.


So Got and Grab your Island kiss! 💋
Xoxo.. 💕

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Keep it stylish! ✌

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