Street Style Shopping

Hello Lovelies!
Today, the weather was pleasant and I was in mood to get ready with some ethnicity. I feel like looking bright and shiny with lots of traditional accessories onto me. So I thought of adopting a Punjabi look though I was not sure of how I will look? Either I’ll look bad or good.

But Then I remember words of a Great lady. You know whose words? Mine. “Laughs”
I’m not a great lady but ya I’m the one who motivates myself for doing everything small or big in life.

I was searching for what will go best for my Punjabi Look, So I searches for Punjabi kurta,footwear,jhumkas etc. While searching it all I got the perfect what I wanted so similar to my thoughts on I personally think this site have wide and beautiful colourful range of products.
Have a look below at my look and related my collection items.

Have a look at my kraftly collection !

Checkout the link below for all beautiful stuff:


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