Snacking made health easy and fun!


Few days back I was very keen to know the hidden secret of fitness freaks. I explored too much on internet, finally got a result that two things can make you healthy with probably 40:60 Ratio of Exercise and Diet. 

In the meantime, I Got snacks from @Thenibblebox. If someone is looking for healthy snacks then you can also have a look at them. I have tried many food boxes, All are incredibly great and contain many nutrients as per to make one healthy.

So Let’s remove the distance of Me and nibble box and move onto what i got from them,

  1. Choco-Hazelnut Chuckwagon
  2. Fig flaps
  3. Masala chai latte {Best for teatime}
  4. Chilli chatter

    Look at the pictures below love,

    So What are you waiting for! Go and Try Your @Nibblebox ❤

    Coming back with new exciting blogs! Till then
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Healthy Serving! ✌

Ding dong ding! 😁
Hello everyone!!
This post is not only for you, but yes I’m so sure for our mom’s!💕
I’m up with the collaboration with @Pappcogreenware disposals. They’re 100% Eco friendly , biodegradable, can be recycled. I Must say you should stop using those plastic disposals and start trying these out. They’re really nice.. The packaging and product quality is superb!
Checkout few pictures attached below:-





Food is love! You just need to add on simple twist by making the serve better. So Go for it, Surprise your mommies with these superb @Pappcogreenware disposals! ❤


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Health & taste with nutty gritties

Hello! How you all are doing?? 😘
Having a great tea time? :mrgreen: You all must be eating biscuit, khakra, snacks at your lunch time- Have you ever tried Garlic cashew? It’s new to hear right.
That’s all what my today’s blog is about! Its about.. Foooodddddd 😍
I Got Gift pack from Nutty Gritties– that includes,
1. Wasabi almonds
2. Garlic cashew
3. Cinnamon & apple mix



A Box of full heathy & tasty snacks!😘
Checkout My pictures for more:





Enjoy Your Nutties with Nutty Gritties! 🙏😍
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Munch better with Snackible! 😍

Hello Friends!!
Before moving onto next, I have a question for you all: How much important you feel snacks is at the time of tea? {do comment in the comment box below}
And The answer, Most probably is going to be too important! As we also call it snack time! So today I’m up with my blog sharing a great food product from Snackible-Mu(n)Ch better!
You rarely find a food brand which can complete your food satisfaction either in terms of quality or taste!
Snackible satisfies both! ✌
The Food products I got from Snackible were:-
1. Chocolate waffle
2. Mapple honey
3. Jalapeño peanuts
4. Fruit Medley
5. Crunchers
I’m attaching few pictures below for you people, Have a look!




I enjoyed these snacks too much! Now It’s your turn! So select the food product of your wish & Order at :
And yes, jalapeño Peanuts is a must to try! 😍
Tadaaa!! 🙌

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Till then, Keep Eating! ✌
Xoxo.. 💕

Santa is on his way..

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way:
Santa Claus is coming around driving on a sleigh, Heyy! ❤

And The Celebrations Starts ! ^_^
Always we need a boom to start a celebration. It might be a day before or a week. Christmas eve is coming | Yes, The day on which we all Go to Church – Light up candles and pray to Jesus for our loved ones | And most importantly we all start craving red or white fashion stuff into our wardrobe! :<3: I do that every year 😍

So, I Got My Boom – I Got my first Christmas present 🙈 Guess what’s that ??? Favorite of all , Mine are double favorite *CHOCOLATES* ❤

Thank you So much Sonia Makhija , Owner of artmartbysonia to Surprise me with my favorites ! 😍 More then anything else.. I love chocolates!
And Your ones are delicious! :’)


I’m Glad that people are appreciating my work through these kinda surprises. Sonia Makhija, I wish for your successful future of @Artmartbysoniya. You are undoubtedly Creative.
Happy Christmas And New year ! ❤

Let The celebration Begin .. 😉

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Tasty Drinks ! ❤

For Being fit , we all need a healthy diet !  And Healthy Diet needs Tasty Drinks 😍 

So Today I’m writing this Blog for Thanking Paperboat for such amazing Gifts & Making so yummmy so many flavoured juices 😍


These Boxes ! ❤ Other then the juice I’m in love with these boxes which depict small short memories – especially the pink one ‘Ohh yaaa Pink pink ‘ My fav! 😍 I too Miss my childhood Man!! The small letters – The button – Everything remind me of my childhood !! Paperboat, one of my fav. juice brand ! Pomegranate Juice is love *_*


So Colorful all the way !

I must say, Try Paperboat product ! They’re really Yum! 💋

Once Again, Thanks Paperboat ! ❤


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It’s just not Food ❤

Just not food , It’s Love😍

Easy to Cook, And delicious to eat anytime  any where! 😊 My first Food post is for ‘Meri Maggie’ ❤

I missed you so much Maggie.. That much when a Girl misses his Guy – that much when a kid misses her mom – that much when a  child misses her dad – a sister misses her brother !! Shit.. And Yes, I missed you ! That’s why this post is dedicated to you ✌ ‘Meri Maggie’ 😉 Screenshot_2015-12-07-19-28-29_1

Still Many people are thinking not to eat Maggie, let me ask you one thing ? Yet you’re alive. Have you ever found some insect in Maggie any mosquito or cockroach , which we usually find in any street food or packed material as well. So People Go for it ! It’s not only ‘meri Maggie’ Let’s make it ” Humari Maggie” ❤

Take care People! 😊✌

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