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Everyday i walk out of home thinking of completing my work but everyday one out of many skips. Work load is much and time is less- This phase of life is motivating me to step ahead towards a successful future. You might be thinking that why these motivational lines are included in her blog?I just write what i feel.

So, Let me tell you something excited !
“IT’s my last blog on Soon we’re coming up with” I feel Great! I feel good.

So Let’s Jump onto the blog in which i’m telling you My OOTD- how to carry yourself in cool and comfy way this summer, This blog is special i’m creating a look by combining three brands together! Yes these three are so cool πŸ˜€
I Paired Sunny day T-shirt which is exactly what i wanted to describe the weather of Jaipur Β with Jeggings which similarly look like a ripped jeans but it’s not a jeans with lovely polka dot pink shoes! :*

Have a look at my sunny day look below featuring 3 amazing brands:



Label am jegging



Go Grab Your Stuff from-
Label Am: Cool Jeggings

Now and Wow: T-shirt

Funkfeets: Polka Shoes

Soon we’ll be back on “”

Enjoy Your Sunny day! πŸ™πŸ˜
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Long Shirt styles with SBL!


The very first announcement which i want to share with all my readers is that now I’m Officially connected to POPxo: Oh Yesssssss!!!! ❀
” I’m the City leader of POPxo campus ambassador”

Heading few days back,

A Mail popped up from my favorite brand “Stalk buy love” for collaboration. Oh Yes, i was excited and happy- I usually don’t write such reactions on my blog but wrote on this one because it’s my favorite brand. I Grabbed a Black long shirt dress.

So Introducing the brand- They have wide impressive collection of apparels and an edition of month magazine which is amazing.

Moving onto Styling the long shirt, You can style it in two ways:

  1. Firstly, Wear it as it is with pairing them with long earrings and high heels.
  2. Open the last two button of the shirt and wear any contrast trouser with high heels.

    Black goes best with golden color earrings and style them with as much heels as you can take your toe on!
    And You’r ready to go! πŸ˜€

    I Have shared few pics below, So have a look over them!


    Keep it Stylish with treasure & SBL ! ❀
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