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Everyday i walk out of home thinking of completing my work but everyday one out of many skips. Work load is much and time is less- This phase of life is motivating me to step ahead towards a successful future. You might be thinking that why these motivational lines are included in her blog?I just write what i feel.

So, Let me tell you something excited !
“IT’s my last blog on Soon we’re coming up with” I feel Great! I feel good.

So Let’s Jump onto the blog in which i’m telling you My OOTD- how to carry yourself in cool and comfy way this summer, This blog is special i’m creating a look by combining three brands together! Yes these three are so cool πŸ˜€
I Paired Sunny day T-shirt which is exactly what i wanted to describe the weather of Jaipur Β with Jeggings which similarly look like a ripped jeans but it’s not a jeans with lovely polka dot pink shoes! :*

Have a look at my sunny day look below featuring 3 amazing brands:



Label am jegging



Go Grab Your Stuff from-
Label Am: Cool Jeggings

Now and Wow: T-shirt

Funkfeets: Polka Shoes

Soon we’ll be back on “”

Enjoy Your Sunny day! πŸ™πŸ˜
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