Merry Christmas! <3

Ho Ho Ho! Ha Ha Ha!
The one with White Beard , The Cutest Smile on glittering face , Red Soft dress with fluffy tummy and A Big Bag of Gifts coming on a reindeer is “My Santa”! I never met My Santa- i don’t even know whether Santa exists or not. Still My Only wish on every Christmas is to see Santa at 12:00 in my room coming on reindeer crossing my gate with his magical powers. Damn! I want to see him. I won’t mind meeting him in 2035 or so..

But As I’ve mentioned in my previous Blogs ” Love for Chocolate never gonna end” – I Got So many chocolates with so much love from my lovely people! ❀image

My Today’s Post if neither about fashion not about Food! It’s Just like that. I write what i feel. I feel happy today and That is all about today’s Blog ! Today I prefered to Look Simple, No White- No Red! Everyone gets busy in thinking what i’ll be wearing on Christmas though yesterday i was thinking the same. But then Nothing can look better then my all time favorite Crop top with a light shade lip color and little liner at corners and Kohl.


A Little lovely Pink floral crop top can be suited on any Trouser, Jeans, Palazzo , Shorts or anything else! But as i was not having any plans to get so ready in Christmas way, I chose High waist Trouser- Floral top with Blue Jacket and Canvas shoes as yes, It’s Cold Outside! πŸ˜€

Other then that- This Christmas tree looks so beautiful ! ❀
imageWhen i have mentioned everything, how can i forget to mention my favorite Frames! ❀ I Won’t write much about them as in my next lot of blogs- the one can be about them! They’re my Favorites πŸ™‚

You can have a clear look on my frames in the picture below! They Go best with a little smoky eye makeup! So Girls, Go and Buy your frames! It’s an essential to complete the accessories to accompany your sexiness! πŸ˜‰


Thankyou Readers! πŸ˜€
Keep Following| Keep Stalking| Love! πŸ˜‰



Santa is on his way..

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way:
Santa Claus is coming around driving on a sleigh, Heyy! ❀

And The Celebrations Starts ! ^_^
Always we need a boom to start a celebration. It might be a day before or a week. Christmas eve is coming | Yes, The day on which we all Go to Church – Light up candles and pray to Jesus for our loved ones | And most importantly we all start craving red or white fashion stuff into our wardrobe! :<3: I do that every year 😍

So, I Got My Boom – I Got my first Christmas present πŸ™ˆ Guess what’s that ??? Favorite of all , Mine are double favorite *CHOCOLATES* ❀

Thank you So much Sonia Makhija , Owner of artmartbysonia to Surprise me with my favorites ! 😍 More then anything else.. I love chocolates!
And Your ones are delicious! :’)


I’m Glad that people are appreciating my work through these kinda surprises. Sonia Makhija, I wish for your successful future of @Artmartbysoniya. You are undoubtedly Creative.
Happy Christmas And New year ! ❀

Let The celebration Begin .. πŸ˜‰

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Black | A Long Lasting Trend 😍

After, Stressing out ! Completing So much pending work , When you think of looking Elegant , Beautiful & Classy at the same time – What Comes to your mind !
My Mind Simply and very Clearly says *BLACK* ! 😍
– Hello Everyone , I’m Again ready| with my new blog to find out whatΒ  accompanies the best with Black !


In Today’s Blog, we’ll discuss a Easy and quick way to go to Any party! Wearing Black Crop Top & Blue Denims Goes all the way around. You just need Proper Accessories To get it into a perfect Look you want. Black High Heels adds up Bold look, by adding a inches of height which eventually looks sexy on every Girl.


Always Keep A Shimmering Golden Clutch as an option to Get the party look. It Goes well with all colors, either red – Black – white – Bold Colors – Neon ColorsΒ  Etc. This Beautiful clutch matches my Black High Heels & Gives Classy look wherever I go. Also, Without a piece of Jewelry every Look is unsuccessful – So how can I forget it ! My Hands are made for wearing Rings and rings and lots of rings I suppose! 😍 Wearing A White Agate Ring goes perfect with this look, It’s like a perfect icing on the cake.

Crop Tops are perfect for every Party, Every Occasion So Get some in your Wardrobe! If You want to have such Beautiful Rings and Jewelry then do watch collection of – @Gharazbyvishakha !

Love ,Readers! 😘

Tasty Drinks ! β€

For Being fit , we all need a healthy diet !  And Healthy Diet needs Tasty Drinks 😍 

So Today I’m writing this Blog for Thanking Paperboat for such amazing Gifts & Making so yummmy so many flavoured juices 😍


These Boxes ! ❀ Other then the juice I’m in love with these boxes which depict small short memories – especially the pink one ‘Ohh yaaa Pink pink ‘ My fav! 😍 I too Miss my childhood Man!! The small letters – The button – Everything remind me of my childhood !! Paperboat, one of my fav. juice brand ! Pomegranate Juice is love *_*


So Colorful all the way !

I must say, Try Paperboat product ! They’re really Yum! πŸ’‹

Once Again, Thanks Paperboat ! ❀


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Flaunt Your Jewel <3

Readers !! Awaited Blog is Ready to Publish ^_^
bloggHello Readers ! πŸ˜€
Today, I’m up with How to flaunt your jewel ? So Usually what people do to flaunt their jewel is they keep to touching it or telling people that see I bought this- I bought that ! But Sometimes that becomes quite creepy.. Isn’t it ?

So , I’m Nidhi Agarwal – Here to tell you how you can flaunt your jewel & How people can notice your jewel ?
We Girls need to understand that whatever we carry should be from our satisfactory view that we’re comfort and we do carry because we want to look beautiful ^_^
So Rather then telling others about your Jewel, wear it in such a way that people notice you – not only you – but your Jewelry as well !

A precious thing is worth a notice , so as a lady “ πŸ™‚


Black as we all know, Is Just not a color – It’s a medium to look more attractive ! A Black Dress – with Red Shiny Nails & Red Lipstick Goes best with granular hoops & knuckle rings ! ❀

Make Yourself Look Pretty, But adding a Bold factor into your Look! Make It Bold & Sexy !


Black Attracts – Red Gives Sexy Look – to add icing on the cake wear long loving Accessories ❀
So Be Bold , Be Sexy ! πŸ˜‰

Jewelry By- @gharazbyvishakha

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Turquoise over diamonds ^_^

The Sky Blue Color enhancing the beauty of earrings , adding up a charm to it is a stone of “Turquoise”


I Simply Love Turquoise! It Gives a very simple and elegant look either you wear it on ethnic wear or western wear. It goes the best  with every style ✌

When i saw all the pieces in her designer jewelry collection, the first eye-catching piece was the one which i’m wearing in the picture – I’m simply loving it. You can wear these earrings either on Your saree , Kurta or any other stuff. But I think Palazzo with floral crop top will go best with it . πŸ˜‰

The So trending pattern of ‘Flower print’ is exciting us all in new stuff with unique designs so add up a charm to your flower print dress with these ‘Cutwork Sun earing with turquoise stone’ 😊


Jewelry By : Gharazbyvishakha

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